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Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance

The Company ensures the importance of implementing the Governance Structure (GCG) as one of the tools to increase the value and long-term business growth continuously not only for Shareholders but also for all Interested Parties. The company is committed to implementing the GCG consistently, one of which is carried out through the preparation of Code of Conduct. The Company has established a code of ethics in line with the Company’s Vision and Mission that serves as a guideline of conduct for all employees in interaction with internal and external parties. The Code of Ethics of the Company is introduced to all levels within the Company and is written in employment contracts that must be understood and signed by all employees. Then, all employees are expected to behave in accordance with the Company’s values and apply a code of ethics in their daily activities. The company regularly holds events to remind and emphasize the implementation of a code of ethics for its employees. The Code of Ethics of the Company is a standard of ethics in the company environment that must be adhered to and implemented by all employees, the Management, the Board of Commissioners. The Code of Ethics aims to behave in accordance with the company culture so that professional, responsible, reasonable, worthy, and trustworthy behavior is realized in conducting business relationships with colleagues and partners.

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

The implementation of this Code of Ethics is an effort to: a. Provide an understanding to all employees that the Company operates honestly and openly, thus creating a good working environment, with low employee turnover rates and improved well-being. b. Being part of a particular community, maintain good relationships is fundamental to the company’s long-term success in achieving social well-being and economic improvement. d. Information relating to the Company’s financial statements is known to the interested parties, both the Company Director and shareholders, as well as the results of the financial report are always included in the Annual Report. e. The Company complies with the regulations established by the Government, among other things, by keeping in mind the safety and health of the Company’s employees, respecting the tax reporting of both the Company and individual employees. f. The Company ensures that there is no discrimination or different treatment against any party within the Company. g. The Company carries out operational control through information openness and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to minimize potential risks arising in the Company’s operational processes. In addition, the Company conducted internal audits during 2022, during which the Company has carefully studied the audit findings and implemented the recommendations issued by the internal audit team. To ensure that the Guidelines and Code of Conduct of the Company are running properly, the Company designates certain bodies and/or parties to be responsible for overseeing the Company.

Whistle Blowing System

In order to realize the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, PT Triyasa Propertindo (Triyasa) is committed to running its business in a professional manner and in accordance with the values of the corporate culture. One of them is applied through the implementation of a violation reporting system, the Triyasa Whistle Blowing System (WBS). WBS is an application intended for those of you who have information and want to report suspected violations of law or fraud, violations of the code of ethics, or violations of conflicts of interest that occur within the Triyasa